This Woman Found a Dog Stuck in Her Bathroom Floor During Her Home Renovation


When you think about being surprised with a dog, you might envision an adorable puppy popping out of a (well-ventilated) box on Christmas morning just like in a Hallmark Channel movie. But for Tennessee-based Tiktok user Kyndal Bret, the surprise puppy wasn’t one she found under the tree but in her floor during her home renovation.

Let’s back up, shall we? Early one morning, when Bret was still in bed, she heard a suspicious sound coming from somewhere in her home. When she got up to investigate, she passed her bathroom, which is the in the midst of a full-blown renovation. Lo and behold, she found a dog poking its head out of a hole in the bathroom floor. “I’m shaking right now,” Bret said on her TikTok capturing the discovery. “This not my dog.”

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From sunken living rooms to indoor pools, we’ve seen a lot of bizarre things hiding under floorboardsbut it’s safe to say a dog is the most out there yet. Naturally, we have a lot of questions. Where did the dog come from? How did it get into her home? And, of course, what’s Bret going to do with her adorable little friend?


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In a follow-up video, Bret explains the dog must’ve found her way into the crawl space under the house to get out of a bad storm. The dog probably was trying to find her way out through the hole when her collar got stuck. Bret got the collar loose, her husband opened up the crawl space, and the dog came running out. Bret gave her food and water and made a bed for her in the garage.

So after all this, will Bret be keeping the dog? Well, she immediately noted that the dog’s collar probably means she has an owner who’s looking for her. But if it were up to the rest of the internet, the answer would be yes. “So what I’m hearing is that you have two dogs now,” one person commented. “The literal earth is giving you a new dog,” another wrote. A third asked, “So you’re trying to tell me if I rip up the flooring in my bathroom it will grow dogs!?!”

Bret later announced that the dog—Lulu, whose favorite food is cheese—has been reunited with her owner. “She is home! Her owner just came and got her. I can confirm it is 100 percent her owner,” says Bret. “Whenever he pulled in and opened the truck door she just like jumped right on in there.” She went on to add that Lulu is welcome to come back over anytime—”preferably just not under our house.”

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