The Awkward Christina On The Coast Episode That Broke HGTV Protocol


Luckily, Christina Hall took control of the awkward moment. Speaking to the camera, she said, “It’s not the first or last time a client went rogue. It could be a lot worse.” She also told Amy and Scott that she hoped they could communicate properly in the future to avoid a similar incident happening again. 

Fans were disappointed about how the couple bypassed Hall’s design advice and chose their own path. On the HGTV Instagram post highlighting the episode, one user wrote that they loved Christina’s design choices but hated the fireplace, calling it “hideous” and telling the couple to “trust your designer.” Another wrote that they were “shocked and appalled” at how the couple undercut Hall’s input. If there’s ever a design tip to avoid, it’s this one. Attempting to cut costs by undermining the expertise of your interior designers and seeking out your own contractors and samples means you’ll be in for a toe-curlingly awkward moment when you have to explain the situation to them like Amy and Scott.

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