Jessica Alba And Lizzy Mathis On Their Renovation Show


Jessica, you once said Canada is a second home for you as you filmed movies here in Toronto and Vancouver. What do you love about this city and how will you spend your time here?

Jessica: I’m probably going to walk around and just soak in the energy here; it’s so beautiful. I like how multicultural it is and I like how kind people are. Every neighborhood just has a vibe. And you can really walk through the city and get that experience.

Lizzy: I’m the foodie; I have to try food as soon as I touch down in any city. Toronto feels a little bit closer to home since I’m from Detroit. It’s such a beautiful city. And I think the people are so kind and the food is amazing. 

Jessica: I don’t know if I have any favorite (Toronto) places. But just being here, it’s nice because it’s a walking city. In LA, we’re stuck in our cars and traffic. And here, you just feel like, “Oh my god, what a beautiful city!”. You walk around and people are nice and there’s trees…. not that there’s no trees in LA.

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