Here’s How Much Time Bobby Berk Has To Renovate Homes On Queer Eye


Before Bobby Berk and his team renovate the house that week, they look for a massive warehouse to store various furniture and décor they can use throughout the season. When the Fab Five meet with the homeowners, Berk assesses the house and what he and his team need to get done. He has a four-day timeframe — the team meets the homeowners on Tuesday, and Berk needs to finish renovating by Friday, per Netflix Tudum.

Luckily, his team gets a head start on the project. While Berk is working on the renovation for the week, a few of his teammates will visit the following location to map out the best plan based on the measurements they took.

Berk and his team figure out which rooms they’ll be renovating and create a plan on what colors they will use to order furniture pieces. They get the renovations done in three days due to the number of workers they have on their team. Throughout the season, Berk will have four central teammates that go with him to each house, and then when it’s time to do the work, they hire local workers. There are always less than 10 people working to get everything done.

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