11 Hotels With Luxe Sleep Suites Or Amenities


We all know how crummy it feels to finally reach your dream destination only to be jolted by jet lag. Many of us are sleep deprived on the daily at home and it’s tough to really enjoy vacation if you’re at a sleep deficit in your down time, too. A […]

We all know how crummy it feels to finally reach your dream destination only to be jolted by jet lag. Many of us are sleep deprived on the daily at home and it’s tough to really enjoy vacation if you’re at a sleep deficit in your down time, too.

A number of hotels and resorts around the world are helping guests in their quest for a fabulous night’s slumber, offering an assortment of bespoke amenities designed to promote a sense of calm, well-being, and above all, drowsiness.

Here are 11 spots where you’re all but guaranteed to rest easy! 

1. Villa Stéphanie, Baden-Baden, Germany

Authentic European Spa/Sleep Experience

Baden-Baden has long been known as a global center for health and wellness, and a certain spot there stands out when it comes to getting some sweet sleep. Along with creative cuisine and a robust medical spa, Villa Stéphanie Spa & Wellbeing (part of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa) offers guests personalized and soothing sleep services as part of the Medical Care, Best Sleep package. It includes a consultation with experts about sleep optimization, special dietary recommendations, and a comprehensive analysis that monitors heart rhythm, blood pressure, body position, oxygen saturation, and respiratory function. Rooms in Villa Stéphanie also include a “digital detox” option to block the internet and phone service in the room for an improved night’s rest.

Park Hyatt Chicago

At the Park Hyatt Chicago, guests checking into the Wellbeing Suite will enjoy the A.I.-powered Bryte Balance Bed — the first to be offered at a Chicago hotel.

Photo credit: Park Hyatt Chicago

2. Park Hyatt Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

“Bryter” Bed Above Lake Michigan

The Wellbeing Suite at the Park Hyatt Chicago invokes the gentle waves of Lake Michigan, creating the perfect environment for a restorative sleep. It features a freestanding, deep-soaking tub enhanced by a bedside, state-of-the-art sound machine. Other amenities include eucalyptus sleep oil and body butter. And then there’s the A.I.-powered Bryte Balance Bed — the first to be offered at a Chicago hotel. These mattresses give guests a more consistent sleep through a variety of features including sleep-inducing sounds paired with gentle movement, intelligent cushions that sense and relieve pressure points, and a silent wake assistant that will get you up and moving in the morning without an irksome and noisy alarm.

3. The Cadogan, London, UK

Concierge Consults For Better Rest

We love London and Chelsea is particularly pleasing with its posh boutiques along King’s Road. At The Cadogan, exhausted guests checking in can seek professional help with the property’s sleep concierge service. Hypnotherapist and sleep expert Malminder Gill provides meditations, consultations, and other services to send visitors off to the land of nod. Guests can also choose from the “pillow menu” to customize their sleep setup; weighted blankets and a specially blended nighttime tea are also available.

4. JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort & Spa, Orlando, Florida

For Sleepy Little Ones… And Their Adults, Too!

This luxury, family-friendly JW resort near Walt Disney World offers newly implemented and creative family suites providing amenities to ensure every member of the family is well-rested and ready to meet Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the Disney gang. Skip Hop’s Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother Owls are in every room, helping kids to get a good night’s rest while on vacation. The resort’s executive chef also created a “Sleepy Snack” in-room dining menu for the entire family, made with ingredients recommended by the Sleep Foundation to promote relaxation and a better night’s sleep. 

Milaidhoo Island Maldives spa bath

At the Milaidhoo Island Maldives, a special sleep mode package offers dinner, a private mediation session, and a bath to end the experience.

Photo credit: Milaidhoo Island Maldives

5. Milaidhoo Island Maldives, The Maldives 

Get Into Deep-Sleep Mode

A private oasis atop the Baa Atoll’s beautiful UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Milaidhoo Island Maldives’s pristine beauty is the perfect place to fully unplug. Guests can opt for Mood Dining offerings — a series of dining and wellness packages based on the theory that certain foods can affect body chemistry and, in turn, a person’s mood. Guests looking to improve sleep patterns should choose the Deep Sleep mood. It begins with a peaceful spa treatment in the early evening, then a light dinner made with natural ingredients that promote sleep is served in the guest’s villa. Afterwards, Milaidhoo’s resident yogi leads a private moonlight meditation session. The night comes to a tranquil end with a scented candle-lit bath.

Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa

With an attentive staff attuned to your rest needs, you’ll sleep like a queen or king in the French countryside at the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa.

Photo credit: Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa

6. Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa, Champillon, France 

Sleep Like A Queen Or King

Located in the quiet French countryside just 45 minutes from Paris, weary travelers can check into the Champagne wine region’s first-ever luxury wellness destination at Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa. The property’s dedicated Royal Sleep Experience helps guests slumber soundly. In their rooms, guests will find a soothing essential oil spray and melatonin-based drops that aid sleep, plus a meditation box, satin face mask, and luxurious linens. Each evening, the Royal Champagne staff prepares the property’s beds with sleeping mist and supplies homemade herbal tea. Last but certainly not least, the onsite spa’s candle massage aims to improve sleep quality while softening the skin using wax and organic ingredients to create an incredibly relaxing experience. 

Lindblad-National Geographics's luxe igloo suite

A one-of-a-kind sleep experience awaits on board two of Lindblad-National Geographics’s expedition ships. Guests can opt for a luxe igloo to sleep under the stars in the Arctic or Antarctica.

Photo credit: Lindblad-National Geographic

7. Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic, Arctic/Antarctica

Slumber Sweetly At Sea

Don’t think that luxe sleep amenities are restricted to land only! On board Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic’s ships Endurance and Resolution, you’ll find two igloos available to book for an overnight stay. Perched on top of the ships, the geodesic structures offer an incredible overnight experience where guests are surrounded by stars and wildlife and immersed in the incredible landscapes of the Arctic or Antarctica. Guests will be completely comfortable and cozy despite the cold, thanks to twin hot-water bottles. The igloos also come with an eye mask, ear plugs, and a fleece-lined pullover. Guests are encouraged to take advantage of the adjacent outdoor hot tubs to indulge in a quiet evening as they gaze out over the frigid but gorgeous waters.

8. French Quarter Inn, Charleston, South Carolina 

Suite Dreams In The Deep South

The French Quarter Inn’s Suite Dreams package invites guests to sleep well and feel their best with suite-style accommodations, a pillow menu featuring seven different options, a nighttime sleepy tea, turndown chocolates, lavender body products, and included sachets and eye masks. The best part: a guaranteed check out at 1 p.m., perfect for sleeping in after a busy day (or night) in Charleston. For the perfect snooze, check out the property’s new in-room sleep guides with tips curated by Dr. Daniel Gartenberg, founder of SleepSpace.

9. Buxton Crescent, Buxton, UK 

Take In the Waters

The spa at Buxton Crescent utilizes the therapeutic properties of mineral water for which the British town is famed, featuring an indoor-outdoor rooftop pool complete with two whirlpools that soften, massage, and destress the body. Guests can choose from a range of tailored massages, including the Tranquility Pro-Sleep Massage, which helps keep jet lag at bay. What’s more, the Buxton is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty — perfect for meditative walks in the fresh country air — to further prepare the mind and body for a restorative sleep. 

Mine+Farm, a Russian River Valley resort

At Mine+Farm, a Russian River Valley resort, innkeepers embrace the calming power of cannabis to help guests rest up.

Photo credit: Mine+Farm

10. Mine+Farm, Guerneville, California

THC For Getting Your ZZZs

Housed in a historic former ranch, Mine+Farm is an intimate and modern inn featuring farmhouse and carriage house rooms set on 2.5 acres along the Russian River in the heart of California wine country. But, while wine can often disrupt sleep patterns, Mine+Farm leans in on its own cultivated small-batch cannabis to help guests rest. One of their available pre-rolls focuses specifically on sleep, created from a specific strain that has a deeply calming effect that’s perfect for insomniacs!

jamu, a traditional Indonesian holistic medicine

At Raffles Bali, guests may choose to receive jamu, a traditional Indonesian holistic medicine that promotes relaxation and better rest.

Photo credit: Raffles Bali

11. Raffles Hotels & Resorts, Jimbaran, Bali

Traditional Balinese Sleep Aids

Those looking for the ultimate restful island escape should consider Raffles Bali, a luxury beachfront resort with just 32 private villas. Retreat by Raffles, a curated well-being program, customizes itineraries for participating guests with Balinese therapies. A chakra realignment, sound bathing, and meditation in a secret cave will all help promote better sleep. The traditional Indonesian holistic medicine of jamu is also prepared for guests before bedtime to help them unwind and relax.

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